General Session 4: Urgent Bylaw Change

There will be a meeting of the Baker Elementary PTA on Monday, May 20th at 2:35 pm to vote on changes to Article V, Section 7 of the Baker Elementary PTA bylaws regarding membership dues.

Baker Elementary PTA has been proud to offer the most accessible dues price within our council.  Although, the portion of the dues that we must pay to Georgia PTA & National PTA has increased over the years, we have kept our dues the same despite diminishing returns for our local unit.

National PTA is proposing a dues share increase of $1.50.  Delegates will vote on this change at the National Convention held June 20th – 23rd in Columbus, Ohio.  An increase is expected to pass.  Combined with the dues that we pay to Georgia PTA this means that Baker Elementary PTA will not only see diminishing returns, but a loss on every membership sold in the 2019-2020 school year unless we raise our local unit dues.

For this reason, Baker Elementary PTA’s Executive Committee is calling an emergency general session and proposes the following amendment:

Article V, Section 7 currently reads: 

Each member of this local PTA/PTSA shall pay annual dues of $5.00 to said association. The amount of such annual dues shall include the portion payable to the Georgia PTA and the portion payable to the National PTA.

Article V, Section 7 proposed amendment:

Each member of this local PTA/PTSA shall pay annual dues of $8.00 to said association. The amount of such annual dues shall include the portion payable to the Georgia PTA and the portion payable to the National PTA.

Please, remember you must be a member of Baker Elementary PTA to vote on a bylaw change.  Please, have your membership card available for verification.  Thank you for helping us advocate for all children.  Your membership matters!




T.E.R.R.I.F.I.C. Kids Award Ceremony

PTA is proud to partner with Kenworth Golden Kiwanis to honor some exceptionally terrific Baker Bears in March of 2019.   

Terrific Kids are: Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Responsible, Inclusive, Friendly, Inquisitive and Capable!

Blog Image Terrific Kids Spring

Congratulations to: Izaan Ahmed, Amayah Anderson, Aiden Burley, Mariel Camargo, Lily Chosewood, Reese Cuthbertson, Alyssa Dunbabin, Timothy Espinosa, TJ Faine, Caitlin Heeralal, Jordan Hix, Reece Hurley, Aadi Kulkarni, Genesis Martinez, Charlie Matwetwe, Keegan McCaslin, Kai Merriweather, Tessa Milam, Kelli Mutunga, Candice Pierre, Tristen Roach, Chloe Robinson, Adam Rodney-Perry, Abrianna Santiago, Logan Smith, Seth Soeurng, Calin Stapp, Kiko Stoyanov, Alessa Valdez, and Savannah Worley-Rowe!

Now Accepting Nominees

blog image resume

Baker Elementary PTA’s Nominating Committee is now seeking nominees interested in serving on the Baker Elementary PTA Executive Committee.  If you are interested in serving, please, send the position you are interested in with a short PTA or volunteer resume to

Yearbooks are Available Online

Blog Image Yearbook Order

Yearbooks are available online for $26 at 

Want your student to be featured in the yearbook?  Send your favorite classroom and school event photos to:

Are you creative and digitally literate?  Baker Elementary PTA is still seeking yearbook volunteers to help gather content and arrange layouts.  Contact to find out how you can help.

*Please, ensure that all pictures are clear, color, front facing and related to school events.

**All pictures will be considered, however, not all submissions will be included in the yearbook.  The deadline for submitting pictures is April 1, 2019.

PTA Spirit Night at Stars and Strikes

Blog Image Stars and Strikes Logo

Baker Elementary PTA Spirit Night

Tuesday, March 5th from 5:00-7:00 PM

 Baker Elementary PTA receives 15% of the proceeds.


Tuesday Special:  Unlimited Play!

$10.99 Per Person – Pick a Package and Play

#1 – Unlimited Bowling & Free Shoe Rental!

#2 – Unlimited Video Game Play!


$19.99 Per Person – COMBO DEAL!

Includes Both Unlimited Bowling

& Unlimited Video Game Play!

*Not valid for redeeming tickets on redemption and ticket games.


BONUS! Add Unlimited Laser Tag and Bumper Cars (or Hologate) to your package for $5.99! Add all three for $9.99!     


10010 Highway 92, Suite 180
Woodstock, GA 30188