Yearbook Team Needed

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Baker Elementary PTA is seeking yearbook volunteers. This is a great position for a person who has database experience, enjoys photography, and wants to spend time in the classroom. 

The yearbook team will:

• Meet with the Board of Directors as needed
• Provide clear and consistent branding within PTA guidelines
• Have cover art, theme and pages approved by the Board of Directors prior to publication
• Work with the Board of Directors to create a sales and marketing campaign

• Seek volunteers to form a yearbook committee
• Work with the art department to create cover art and relevant theme
• Schedule with teachers to take pictures of colorful classroom activities
• Schedule photo booths and take candid shots at all school events and award ceremonies
• Collect submissions from staff and room representatives

• Oversee the organization of photos in the yearbook database
• Oversee the resolution quality of photos in the database
• Design consistent page layouts that maintain the theme
• Meet quarterly submission deadlines (October, January, and April)
• Make sure that every student is included in the yearbook
• Make sure that the yearbook represents the diversity of our student body

Contact Naomi Rohrbaugh at for more information.

*You do not need design software or an expensive camera.  A computer, high speed internet access and a decent camera/smart phone will work great!


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